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This is the web page for Ramp, who assembles melodic electronica from acoustic instruments such as guitars, field recordings and software synthesisers.

St. Ockwell 7" released on Enraptured Records

St. Ockwell (b/w After The Flood) is being released on Enraptured Records on 14 March 2005. It's available as a limited edition pressing on multi-coloured vinyl. Get your copy online at Rough Trade or mail order from Enraptured Records now - it looks and sounds great.

Some Reviews
"St.Ockwell" by RAMP must be the best 7" I've heard on ENRAPTURED for three or four years, nice hummable melodic electronica...
Starts off to the sound of a whirring nursery like chime and steadily grows in stature until it manifests sweetly into a darling brew of exotically sultry solar-scapes that all in all make it quite possibly one of the most arresting things we've heard...
More reviews will be made available as they appear!

Ramp live at Speakerbox in Hackney

Ramp played live at Speakerbox on September 18th - thanks to everyone who made it out and thanks once again to Brace Brace Brace and Cottonwoolpie for the visuals.

Some reviews of Ramp and "Bedroom Ambience 4"

Some people have listened to "Bedroom Ambience 4", and then written down what they thought. Awesome!

"...smouldering stuff equally engaging are the melting melodies and skipping beats of the breathlessly optimistic ‘Yellow Cake’ by Ramp."

"[evokes] diving for pearls in the South China sea with a mermaid"
Logo Magazine

Ramp on Enraptured

The fourth in the excellent "Bedroom Ambience" series on Enraptured Records ("Good Vibrations") has a track by Ramp on it - "Yellowcake". It's being released in February and will be available in all good record stores... you should go and buy it in vast quantities.

Front cover of St. Ockwell 7

St. Ockwell 7" - front cover

Back cover of St. Ockwell 7

St. Ockwell 7" - back cover