No website is complete without a bunch of links. Here are mine. I hope you like electronica/post rock record labels and bands as much as I do, otherwise there will be little here of interest to you.

Enraptured Records
Electronica, leftfield indie, space rock and experimental

Planet Mu
The label of Mr. Mike Paradinas, also known as Mu-ziq. Dislikes: cock cheese.

Expanding Records
Electronica label featuring Vessel, who released one of my favourites of 2002 ("Dreaming In Pairs").

Electronica label advocating Scottish underground electronica including Christ and Frogpocket, both of whom are awesome.

Type Records
New electronica label featuring RJ Valeo.

Electronica label specialising in gentle glitchy electronica.

Fat Cat
Most of my favourite bands are on this label.
Most amusing, particularly the musk ox song. In my opinion.


The Onion
Needs no introduction.
Anything is possible at The infinite is possible at

TV Go Home
The continuing adventures of Nathan Barley.

The Zeppotron Conspiracy
Featuring the world's most effective baker-infuriating hat and the adventures of Inspector Jellyback, the detective with no spine.

Chav Scum
It is definitely wrong to sneer at people less fortunate than yourself. But then, if you have ever got static of some little wankstain in a hoody with a mountain bike... this website is for you.

Eternal Fusion (Spydaradio)
Internet radio show that plays good music, including mine.

MacOS Rumors
Apple rumour site. Or rumor site. You decide.

Real Ultimate Power
The official ninja web page. While I was reading this website I got so pumped I totally kicked my cat in the throat. Awesome. And by awesome, I mean totally sweet.

Brace Brace Brace
The poetry of plane crashes.

Cottonwoolpie sorts out my design issues. Unfortunately, I designed this website - hence it is a bit pants. One day, Cottonwoolpie will probably sort it out for me... I hope.

Morr Music
Solvent and Styrofoam - no, not a chemical factory, but a very good electronica label from Germany.

Live imagery by Brace Brace Brace.