Here are some reviews of the St. Ockwell/After the Flood 7".


From Spring Newsletter (18 second review) "St.Ockwell" by RAMP must be the best 7" I've heard on ENRAPTURED for three or four years, nice hummable melodic electronica.


In the finest time honoured tradition of things another Enraptured release no less, you know how it is, nowt for years as though subject to some great mysterious vinyl drought and then whoosh two at once. This particular release, again tasty looking, is pressed on 7 inches of splatter vinyl (of the white, blue and orange variety for those taking notes), its loveliness only outdone by the sounds found nuzzling between the grooves within. Last heard doing the business on the 'Bedroom Ambience 4' compilation (same label / second mention same missive - you owe me big time Jack!) with the blissful 'Yellow Cake' this time around it's a lush line of erotik chill pop that served up on the aural platter. Starts off to the sound of a whirring nursery like chime and steadily grows in stature until it manifests sweetly into a darling brew of exotically sultry solar-scapes that all in all make it quite possibly one of the most arresting things we've heard since that awesome Manual release for those Static dudes from a while back. Flip the disc for more to die for tuneage though on this occasion sharing the same celestial space as Yellow 6 it would seem. 'After the Flood' astral planes with the Gods at its side, okay a little over the top maybe but you get my drift, introspective, hurting as hell and delivering the sweetest sense of melancholia your likely never to hear the likes of again for a fair while - until of course another Manual or Yellow 6 chooses to bruise the airwaves. As though it needs saying - buy in sight.

Live imagery by Brace Brace Brace.